3 Benefits Of Street Sweeping You Didn’t Know About

It’s commonly misunderstood that the only purpose of street sweeping is to remove dirt and leaves from a street or paved path. While this is a very important convenience for the general public and overall community, the purpose and benefits of street sweeping go far beyond that.

Benefits of Street Sweeping

With the many services street sweeping offers, it’s easy to see the benefits of street sweeping grouped into three simple categories that benefit the overall community. Let’s take a look each of these below.


Nothing is more important than the overall health of a community. From the water we drink to the food we put on our table, and the air we breathe, health is one of the main components of defining a local community.

  • Hazardous materials – One of the main ways street sweeping helps improve the health of a community is by removing harmful materials from the vicinity of our schools, homes, and streets. These materials can include metals, organics, harmful nutrients, and more.  

It’s estimated that an average of 1,100-2,100 tons of debris is removed annually per street acre swept.


It’s no surprise that safety should be of high value in any community. Another benefit of street sweeping is the value of improving safety in our neighborhoods.

  • Public safety – Public safety should always be a primary concern for all residents as well as those traveling through or visiting a community. The removal of roadside debris lessens the rate of vehicle accidents and improves driver safety.
  • Pedestrians, runners, & cyclists – construction and roadway debris can cause unsightly conditions as well as objects and items to leak into streets or paved paths. If not swept routinely, these items can become hurdles for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists to avoid which may lead to accidents and injuries.  


When thinking of street sweeping, it’s often thought about in the short-term; however, when looked at through a different lens, street sweeping plays an important part in preserving the environment around us for years to come.

  • Pavement protection – at the end of the day, street sweeping is about protecting and preserving what we have now for the future. Establishing a routine sweeping schedule in your community will help remove wearing debris and extend the life paved roads and paths.  
  • Wildlife preservation – unfortunately, California has one of the highest rates of trash and litter per person. Street sweeping helps eliminate the number of plastics and litter that end up on the sides of roads and ends up harming local wildlife.
  • Environment – commonly unknown, but a critical benefit of street sweeping stems from the removal of harmful metals and pollutants that can enter our air emissions. By reducing the amount of road debris, street sweeping is helping to preserve our local rivers, beaches, and air.

By encouraging your local community to partner with a reliable street sweeping company, you can help improve the health, safety, and preservation of your community and environment.

Central Valley Sweeping is committed to serving and improving the overall wellness of local cities in the Central Valley, CA. Learn about the many services our advanced fleet of street sweepers offers and how we can help improve your community.