We provide industrial sweeping services and cleanup of unsurpassed quality.

We’re committed to providing quality, professional cleaning and industrial sweeping services that meet your unique needs. We are the only company to equip our operators with back-pack blowers. Why? We believe in doing the job right the first time!

Give us a call at (559) 739-7532 and let’s talk about your cleaning and sweeping needs.

Image: CVS's team. Learn more about our industrial sweeping services.
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Darin Bawks

Darin began his career in education, teaching middle school math and science. In 2015 he came home to work for the family business. He had a Bachelor’s Degree from Fresno State University and a Masters in Administrative Leadership from Fresno Pacific University.

He is married to his best friend, Franchesca, and they have 6 children. He enjoys SCUBA diving, golf, hiking, and travel.

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Matthew is currently the President and CEO of Central Valley Sweeping, LLC. Matthew “grew up” around the sweeping business; as a young man would go out and help his father with his sweeping route by hand picking trash and back blowing. At the age of 17, Matthew started running the sweepers on the weekends to help carry the load of a growing business. He is a member of C12 Group, a national organization committed to building Christ Centered Businesses.

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Christy Bawks

Christy has worked her way up from an administrative assistant and now manages the shop and oversees repairs and inventory at Central Valley Sweeping. She grew up around the business and after working at other minor jobs discovered that her heart lies with her family business.

She’s a competitive barrel racer and raises horses at her ranch in Exeter! She is a busy mom of twin girls and lives with her husband, Brett.

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Sal was born in Chicago and grew up in Woodlake, California. He has been working as Central Valley Sweeping’s Human Resource Manager since 2013.

He and his wife Carla have 3 daughters, Joana, Briana, and Aryana. His hobbies include soccer, fishing, basketball, and spending time with his family. He roots for FC Barcelona and the great Chicago Bears.

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Laura Fernandez

Laura Fernandez is currently an employee at Central Valley Sweeping. She has always enjoyed the office environment and is currently pursuing a business degree.

Laura grew up in the Bay Area before moving to California's Central Valley. She also lived in Japan briefly! She loves reading, spending time at the beach, photography, and travel. She has two children and enjoys family time. She's a big SF Giants fan and loves to go to games.

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Ryan Gardner

Ryan is new to CVS and to the Central Valley. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Ryan has an engineering degree from West Point and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Arizona. Ryan recently transitioned from active duty with the US Army, and continues to serve as a Major in the US Army Reserve.

Ryan’s wife is a Physician at Kaweah Delta Health Center and they have three children. In their free time, they like spending time with the kids and exploring the area.