NAPSA certified sweeping company

Why You Should Choose A NAPSA Certified Street Sweeping Company

For those who don’t know, NAPSA is the North American Power Sweeping Association which recognizes street sweeping firms that meet and set high standards for professional manner, operations, and industry practices. You are probably asking yourself, why should I care about a certification when I’m searching for a power sweeping company? Well for starters, you […]

Evolution of Street Sweeping

The evolution of street sweeping has seen giant leaps over the past 150 years. Ranging from the mid 1800’s to the 21st century, major advancements in technology have continued to propel street sweepers into the future. Read on to take a look at the progressive advancement of street sweepers from the past to today. Early […]

Central Valley Sweeping Customer Service Testimonial

After 25 years of being the regional street sweeping contractor in the United States, we hold ourselves to high standards. We pride ourselves heavily on getting the job done right the first time. Don’t we all? However, sometimes mother nature and the seasons can create unforeseen obstacles that make getting the job done more difficult. […]