California construction sire compliance regulations

Construction Site Compliance: California’s New Safety Regulations

Keeping construction sites clean is no easy task, yet it’s imperative to both the safety of those working on the site as well as the surrounding environment. Large debris aside, managing the dirt and dust created during construction and demolition (C&D) is key to keeping construction sites clean and safe, in addition to promoting a […]

Spring Cleaning, Street Sweeper Style

Maybe it was the shift toward slightly warmer weather, or the blossoms beginning to bloom throughout your neighborhood or your seasonal allergies kicking in. If you’re starting to get that spring cleaning itch, you’re right on time. For spring street sweeping, that is! We understand how good it feels to roll up your sleeves and […]

HOA Residential Sweeping

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are unique communities, especially when it comes to HOA residential sweeping schedules. One of the perks of living in an HOA community is being part of a community that is well maintained and knowing that your neighbors take pride in that maintenance. However, that also means having the responsibility of maintaining your […]

New Street Sweeping Trends 2019

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen incredible growth in the Street Cleaning Services industry.  Coming into the new year, we’ve prepared for 2019 by analyzing the latest street sweeping trends. These areas of growth in our services include parking lot cleaning, street cleaning, construction site clean up, and industrial cleaning. As those needs continue […]

Getting Ready For Winter Street Sweeping

Winter is here and with it, an influx of fall’s debris and clutter of our streets and gutters. This means debris removal is even more important than ever. It ensures streets are clean and safe for cities throughout the Central Valley as well as residential HOAs during the winter months. The Importance of Debris Removal […]

3 Benefits Of Street Sweeping You Didn’t Know About

It’s commonly misunderstood that the only purpose of street sweeping is to remove dirt and leaves from a street or paved path. While this is a very important convenience for the general public and overall community, the purpose and benefits of street sweeping go far beyond that. Benefits of Street Sweeping With the many services […]

Evolution of Street Sweeping

The evolution of street sweeping has seen giant leaps over the past 150 years. Ranging from the mid 1800’s to the 21st century, major advancements in technology have continued to propel street sweepers into the future. Read on to take a look at the progressive advancement of street sweepers from the past to today. Early […]

Central Valley Sweeping Customer Service Testimonial

After 25 years of being the regional street sweeping contractor in the United States, we hold ourselves to high standards. We pride ourselves heavily on getting the job done right the first time. Don’t we all? However, sometimes mother nature and the seasons can create unforeseen obstacles that make getting the job done more difficult. […]