Central Valley Sweeping Customer Service Testimonial

After 25 years of being the regional street sweeping contractor in the United States, we hold ourselves to high standards. We pride ourselves heavily on getting the job done right the first time. Don’t we all? However, sometimes mother nature and the seasons can create unforeseen obstacles that make getting the job done more difficult.

This client testimonial highlights that despite being human and capable of mistakes, we will never disappoint our customers.

Here’s the situation.

On the morning of 11/10/17, a Central Valley Sweeping sweeper was dispatched along a route to sweep and clear a particular street with fallen leaves. The sweeper ran its usual route and performed its services on time. Later that morning, Mr. Wayne, a resident living on the street, sent a notice that no leaves had been picked up and wet, purple plum leaves remain in stacks.

And now for our solution.

We carefully looked through our morning records and little did we realize, the wrong sweeper model had been dispatched to properly handle the bulk amount of wet leaves on the street. After quickly realizing the mistake, Central Valley Sweeping immediately dispatched the correct sweeper and arrived at the scene to handle the matter the very same morning. After a second routine sweeping, the wet leaves were properly picked up and taken care of.

Mr. Wayne was thankful for the quick response and dispatch following his request. Our public works representative, Rachel Blain, and President Matthew Bawks both reached out to Mr. Wayne thanking him for his patience.

Mr. Wayne replied, “The fact that you both followed up with us says a great deal. As my wife put it, ‘That does not happen much anymore.’ Again, thank you, and thank you for a bit of restoration in our faith of those in business.”

In conclusion, everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how we handle and react to them that sets Central Valley Sweeping apart. We pride ourselves on the quality work we do and making sure the job gets done, no matter what. Thank you to Mr. Wayne for the wonderful testimonial and for helping us to continue improving our sweeping services in the Central Valley.