The top five benefits of spring street sweeping.

Spring Cleaning, Street Sweeper Style

Maybe it was the shift toward slightly warmer weather, or the blossoms beginning to bloom throughout your neighborhood or your seasonal allergies kicking in. If you’re starting to get that spring cleaning itch, you’re right on time. For spring street sweeping, that is!

We understand how good it feels to roll up your sleeves and get to work on spring cleaning projects. We also know that springtime can cause the need for a lot of clean up, and that’s where our Central Valley Sweeping team comes in.

Top Five Benefits of Spring Street Sweeping

1. Be Gone, Pollen

All those beautiful spring blooms mean an influx of pollen. Not only can pollen wreak havoc on your allergies, it can also do significant damage to your car’s paint. That light yellow dusting is not only sticky, it’s also highly acidic. And when spring showers are added to the mix to activate the pollen’s acidity, over time your car’s paint job will start to deteriorate. Luckily, spring street sweeping helps clean up pollen, helping to keep your car’s paint job intact.

2. Leaf Removal

The need to clean up leaves and other debris is not unique to spring street sweeping, but after a long winter, the build-up can be particularly damaging to your roads and gutters. Our leaf collection and disposal services will not only keep your roads clear and safe, but it will also help you keep your gutters, drains and yard leaf-free.

3. New Home Construction

Spring is one of the most popular times of year to buy/sell homes and home construction projects often move into full spring swing as the weather shifts away from winter. Our construction services will keep your construction site clean and also help with stormwater pollution prevention. When April’s showers come, our spring street sweeping will help you be ready.

4. Road Work

Winter can be quite damaging to roads, and spring is the perfect time for construction crews to work on road improvement projects. That’s where our team can help with spring street sweeping. Our highway construction services range from pre-sweeping for paving to seal coating and fog sealing to striping and more.  

5. Solar Panel Cleaning

If your home or business has solar panels, you’re looking forward to taking advantage of those long, sunny days. But dust, pollen, and other debris can negatively affect your solar panels’ efficiency. Although you may think that those spring showers will be able to wash everything away, studies show that solar panels that were professionally cleaned had a 12% higher output than those that were not. With our water trucking services, we’ll have your solar panels clean so they can operate at max efficiency!  

Do you have a spring street sweeping project for us? Let us know how we can help.