NAPSA certified sweeping company

Why You Should Choose A NAPSA Certified Street Sweeping Company

For those who don’t know, NAPSA is the North American Power Sweeping Association which recognizes street sweeping firms that meet and set high standards for professional manner, operations, and industry practices. You are probably asking yourself, why should I care about a certification when I’m searching for a power sweeping company?

Well for starters, you wouldn’t buy a used car from a dealership that wasn’t licensed or certified to sell or repair used cars. You would go to an approved or accredited dealership with a good track history who can provide proof of their certified services and products. That’s why governing non-profit organizations, such as NAPSA exist, to distinguish the unprofessional companies from those that follow a high code of ethics. Being NAPSA certified means you are hiring a power sweeping company that is committed to providing:

    • General Professionalism
    • Exceptional Client Service
    • Employee Training
    • Work Performance
    • Safety Training
  • Environmental Regulations

As a NAPSA certified member, Central Valley Sweeping is pledged to following the NAPSA Code of Ethics and providing the highest level of quality, professional cleaning, and industrial sweeping services to all our customers. With over 30 years of experience, the management team at Central Valley Sweeping are happy to be the first CSC (Certified Sweeping Company) in the Central Valley, CA.

What does this mean for you? Commercial businesses, homeowner associations, and municipalities can be well assured when working with our team that our fleet of advanced sweeping will meet your needs. Contact us today for all your sweeping services! Not a client yet? Let us sweep for free once time and show you what we can do.